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2023 Summer Camps at Boys & Girls Clubs

2023 Summer Camps start Tuesday, June 20, 2023, and run 8 weeks, Monday-Friday.  The Teen Center (serving ages 13-18) is also open. Camp snacks and lunch are provided and some field trips are included.

Applications available starting March 1st. First come, first serve. Wait lists are created once capacity is met.

(2023-24 School Year applications are not available yet. Posting will be updated once they are available. )


2023 Summer

CITY  Camp

Simms Club (all City schools attend this location for summer)

Simms Application

Teen Center Application


Elkton Club Application

Plains Club Application

South River Club Application



Become a Member (applications & handbook below)

How? Fill out an online application, based on the Club location and the season (School OR Summer). Your child must at least age 5 and attending a public school. Ages 13 to 18 can join the Teen Center in Harrisonburg and may attend Elkton Club.

You will be notified by the Club Director once you submit your application. You pay a $15 annual membership fee and provide some required documents. Weekly program fees are reasonable. Cost is never a barrier to attendance. Talk with your Club Director for scholarships.

 Our Programs

What do we do at Clubs? In partnership with schools, parents, and community organizations, BGCHR implements proven Boys & Girls Club national programming focused on social and academic development. Programs include SMART Moves, Project Learn, Triple Play.  Program details can be found here.

BGCHR has four county Clubs and four City Clubs. Check them out here.

Clubs provide structured time and Members understand their roles and responsibilities. See our Parent Handbook 


Try Something New

At Boys & Girls Club of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, we focus on three areas of development: academic success, healthy lifestyles, and character building/citizenship. Youth who attend are Clubs are able to participate in many activities such as gardening, hiking and swimming while also receiving academic support.


Build Positive Relationships

All staff undergo extensive background checks and are trained to provide excellent supervision and support to our Members. Safety is our #1 goal...and Fun is #1A. Our staff comes to us from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and understand they are there to be role models and mentors to our youth.

2023-2024 School Year Applications -NOT YET AVAILABLE

 We offer before and after school programs starting at 7am and ending at 6pm. We are open are on most school-planned closure days with the exception of certain holidays. When schools are closed for inclement weather, we must also close. Weekly program fees are reasonable and you only pay on the days you attend. Again, scholarships are made readily available so that all young people have the same opportunities. Read and Sign your Parent Handbook 

CITY Clubs

Bluestone Club apply

Bluestone Phone: 540-236-8536

Simms Club apply: Serving Keister, Smithland, Spotswood, Waterman

Simms Phone: 540-421-2722

                             Stone Spring Club apply

                   Stone Spring Phone: 540-421-3221 or 540-434-6060

Teen Center Simms apply (over 13): Serving Thomas Harrison and Skyline Middle Schools and Harrisonburg High   Teen Phone: 540-421-2041


Elkton Club apply: Serving River Bend, Elkton and McGayesville Elementary and Middle

Elkton Phone: 540-908-5635

Lacey Springs Club apply: Serving Lacey Springs Elementary

Lacey Springs phone: 540-830-8896

Plains Club apply

Plain Phone: 540-896-3310

South River Club apply

SR Phone: 540-249-0111