About Us

 Our mission statement is to enable all young people, especially those who need us the most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens.


To serve the most youth possible with excellent staff and programs.


Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect and Excellence

Core Promise

  • Provide the youth in our community a safe environment and have a significant impact on their lives
  • Uphold high ethical standards in all areas, especially in overseeing our finances, collecting membership and participation data, being good stewards of the donor dollar and representing ourselves to the public

We Provide

Places: A safe place to learn and grow where youth safety is our #1 priority. Staff and volunteers undergo criminal background checks and mandatory abuse and neglect training.

People: Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals. Mentoring is one way we achieve this.

Programs: Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences. Programming is continually being improved to assist our members develop and grow.


Phone:      540-434-6060

Fax:           540-491-0433

Contact:    [email protected]

Meet The Leadership Team

Executive Board

Matt Von Schuch – President, Board Member since 2020

 Helen Penrod - Vice President, Board Member since 2022

Athena Hess –  Treasurer, Board Member since 2013

Joel Francis – Secretary, Board Member since 2020

Art Hamilton - Member At Large, Board Member since 2017

Board Members

Cindy Bolan
Charles Grubbs
Jessica Jacovidis
Cindy Moyers
Helen Penrod

 John Salem

Mark Siciliano

Adrian Taylor


Administrative Staff

Mackenzie Colls

Operations Manager

[email protected]



Baker Garber

Director of Engagement

[email protected]



Callie White

Program Quality & Training Specialist

[email protected]


Destiny Shoemaker

Administrative Coordinator

[email protected]


Sandra Quigg

[email protected]