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Fitness & Recreation

Fitness & Recreation programs develop fitness, positive use of leisure time, stress management skills, appreciation for the environment, and social skils. Programs in this area include: 


SPARK Daily Activities



Triple Play


Triple Play is a comprehensive health and wellness initiative designed to improve the overall health of members, ages 6-18, by increasing their daily physical activity, teaching them good nutrition, and helping them develop healthy relationships. Triple Play is comprised of three components - Mind, Body, and Soul. The "Body" component promotes bceoming more physically active through fun daily fitness routines. 

Club members are provided with various opportunities to participate in sports and fitness activities throughout the year. Indoor soccer, for example, is offered at the Simms Club Teen Center every Tuesday and Friday night. 


Social Recreation 


Through programs such as our Gamesroom Tournament, youth are able to play board and table games, compete in tournaments, and socialize with friends.