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Character & Citizenship

Character & Citizenship programs are designed to help youth become productive, caring, and responsible citizens. BGCHR offers programs that provide community service opportunities; teach rights and responsibilities of citizenship; introduce concepts of good character; encourage civility and tolerance, and recognize good behavior. Programs in this core area include:


Agape Satyagraha 

Through the Agape Satyagraha program, youth learn about alternatives to approaching conflict using peaceful, nonviolent ways. The name, Agape-Satyagraha, relates the central teachings of the program. "Agape" is the Greek word used in the Bible for unselfish love that is unconditional. "Satyagraha" is the Sanskrit word used by Mahatma Gandhi to describe his form of active nonviolence: it translates to "truth force."


Youth of the Year

Each year, an outstanding club member is selected who demonstrates a positive attitude, leadership skills, and good character. This individual is provided the opportunity to represent our organization at the state Youth of the Year competition. 


                                Carlos Rivera BGCHR 2015 YOY                 Rockingham County Clubs YOY 2015 winners